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Professional Craftsman Program

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The Only World Class Alternative to a Traditional Tattoo Apprenticeship with Guaranteed Placement the Day You Graduate!

This is where it all comes together. The Academy of Responsible Tattooing is the only place on earth that transforms aspiring tattoo artists, into true professionals, regardless of who you are or where you come from.

As long as you're willing to do the work, A.R.T. can guarantee that as long as you do not quit, you can begin your tattoo career as a working Tattoo Artist the day after you complete your apprenticeship.

The Tattoo Apprenticeship covers:

  • Drawing techniques

  • Shop management

  • Machine maintenance and functionality

  • Hands on practice with machines

  • Artist Portfolio Building

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Certification      

  • Sanitation Practices       

  • The History and the Legacy of Modern Day Tattooing       

  • Preparation for New York Tattoo License (issued by the state) Exam       

  • A working knowledge of all aspects of the tattoo industry

  • The execution of supervised tattoos on clients under professional supervision in a safe environment

  • Portfolio of executed tattoos       

  • All graduates are certified as Professional Tattoo Craftsmen by the Academy of Responsible Tattooing, ensuring that they are ready to go as an artist in any shop, anywhere in the world, with the confidence and skill to apply beautiful tattoos at a sanitized, effective, responsible and professional standard worthy of A.R.T. Certification.

  • Guaranteed Placement upon graduation

Students enrolled in the Professional Craftsman Program are there for one reason = nothing is going to stop them from becoming Professional Tattoo Artists.

All are enrolled with the understanding that A.R.T.'s commitment is to graduate students who exceed the expectations of the global tattoo community. Like it or not, no apprentice graduates until they have achieved the skill level required for professional employment in the industry.

To tattoo like this, you need to follow the same model as an Traditional Apprenticeship.

Choose A Workshop to Get Started Today!
Choose A Workshop to Get Started Today!

I had tried getting apprenticeships in the past and failed, within 7 months of starting I became a working tattoo artist and quit my union job of 10 years...

Once you complete your Professional Craftsman Program, A.R.T. Guarantees You Placement in an A.R.T. Affiliated Tattoo Shop.