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A.R.T.'s World Class Alternative to a Traditional Body Piercing Apprenticeship

What will I learn at A.R.T.?

Current Industry Model

Body Piercing is a specialized trade with techniques and approaches that for the most part are kept secret.

Finding a trusted mentor for a body piercing apprenticeship can take years.

Apprentices in traditional body piercing apprenticeships subject themselves to remedial, unpaid, grunt work while learning the trade.

A.R.T. has found a better way!


A.R.T.'S Body Piercing Program Covers:

  • Piercing & placement techniques
  • Hands on practice with needles and clamps
  • Certified Red Cross blood borne pathogen
  • Cross contamination prevention
  • A working knowledge of all shop practices
  • Supervised body piercings on clients under professional supervision in a safe environment
  • Portfolio of executed piercings
  • Aftercare & infection prevention


"If you're looking to become a professional in the field and learn this beautiful ancient art while keeping your clients, co-workers and yourself safe, A.R.T. is where you need to be." - Nick Carroll, Professional Body Piercer