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What do people say about A.R.T.?

"I wanted to attend the Tattoo Apprenticeship Workshop at A.R.T. because of your testimonials. They were genuine, honest, and said the things I wanted and needed to hear.

They spoke to my doubts and reaffirmed why I don't have time to go the 'traditional' route to become a tattoo artist. I DON'T have time to hope for tidbits of information at "&#*! shops" while they haze me and have me play shop girl (I've done it, not fun). I DON'T want to invest my very serious time into something that isn't equally legit. I also DON'T have any more time I want to spend on YouTube 'learning' from videos.

I found you on many google searches on many a sleepless night. I shopped around. For weeks. My conclusion last night was finally -- the ends justify the means. If people give me &#*! for 'going to tattoo school' for my start, so be it. My work (and professionalism) will speak for itself. 
Thank you for existing. -Jen."








New Haven




"Having apprenticed years ago and then taking several years off due to my health, I believe this is the best way to get back into the field. I have looked at other options and had a friend take one of the those "two week courses." After completing that course almost 2 years ago, he is still no better than he was 2 years ago! I don't feel someone can teach you all you need to know in 2 weeks."