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Real Artists and Real Results

Watch the stories of some of the many working, professional tattoo and piercing artists that have graduated from A.R.T.

Will your art get better? Yes!
Could you get good enough to leave your job? Yes!

Watch A.R.T. Graduates share what it was like inside of A.R.T.'s tattoo apprenticeship, and what life is like after!

Japanese, Female Tattoo Artist, Nao Uchiyama, Found an Apprenticeship that Valued Her!

Jersey City Graduate Nao Uchiyama talks about moving past negative tattoo apprenticeships and finding A.R.T. Follow in her footsteps!

Paloma Replaced Cameras with Tattoo Machines

Jersey City Graduate, Paloma Yglesias talks about ditching cameras for tattoo machines.

You Don't Have to Hate Your Job

Love your job? A.R.T. Grad and Professional Tattoo Artist Pete Doty does.

I Don't Have to Work a Crappy Job Anymore

Learn how Tattoo Artist, Ryan Futterman, was finally able to leave his "crappy job" after graduating from the Academy of Responsible Tattooing! That crappy job, by the way, is all he could find after graduating from F.I.T... geesh!

Body Shamed at Former Tattoo Apprenticeship

Before she found A.R.T., Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer Moxie was body shamed at a traditional apprenticeship, but she didn't let that stop her from doing what she loved.

How To Not Sell Your Soul

Chris Coles (AKA Dolphin Tattoos)is an A.R.T. Graduate and Tattoo Artist in Los Angeles. Coles talks about staying true to his art.

A.R.T. Changed My Life

Carlos is an A.R.T. Graduate and Tattoo Artist working in Body Art & Soul in Brooklyn since 3 years ago.

Recent Graduate, Daisylu Sotomayor, share all!

Recent A.R.T. Grad, Deissy talks about why she chose A.R.T.

Meet Tattoo Artist, Eric "Del Virus" Del Valle

A.R.T. Graduate Eric Del Valle talks about finding A.R.T. in an industry that can be difficult to break into and being forever grateful for his chance to do what makes him happy every day.

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