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Tattoo Apprenticeship Workshop

This is your first step to a Career as a Professional Tattoo Artist - Learn how to tattoo

The Only World Class Alternative to Traditional Tattoo Apprenticeships

Tattoo artistry is a specialized creative trade that guards it's best practices and requires apprentices to seek out master craftsmen as mentors. The process of securing a mentor can take years, even for the most dedicated and committed. If accepted, being taught the craft and being trusted to perform it can take years. An aspiring tattoo artist will not find work without completing a thorough apprenticeship, yet the risk in a traditional apprenticeship is the lack of any guarantees what-so-ever. There are no guarantees of completion, quality or employment.   

A.R.T. has found a better way.

Our two step process ensures you know exactly what you are getting into, and what it will take to succeed, before anyone makes a long term commitment.


Step 1: The Tattoo Apprenticeship Workshop

You will learn how to tattoo:

  • How to prevent cross contamination
  • How to set up and break down a station
  • Safe hands on practice with a tattoo machine
  • How to clean and prepare tools and machines
  • How to draw and make stencils
  • The inner workings of a tattoo studio
  • What stops you from getting the apprenticeship you desire
  • What shop artists and owners are looking for in an apprentice

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"It's the greatest experience of my life." Tattoo Artist, Leslie Mohan