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Tattoo & Body Piercing Apprenticeship Programs

Information for Parents

Real Artists and Real Results

A.R.T. knows that many apprentices have either friends and family to thank for supporting them during the apprenticeship phase of their career.

We also know that as someone on the outside looking in, you have many, many questions. To the right is a short video with the parents of two of our recent graduates, Nick and Jocelyn. Take the opportunity to download a free guide to pricing also available on the right. Below you can view photos from our most recent A.R.T. graduation.


  • The awards table is ready to honor our spring graduates
  • A.R.T. Founders Guy and Paul-Anthony are eager to celebrate the new graduates
  • Graduate Christina with Proud Parents
  • Graduate Ryan poses proudly with his work
  • Past and current graduates gather together to celebrate a huge achievement
  • Northeast Regional Manager Oksana Weber goofs for the camera
  • Graduate Paloma and proud Sister are in attendance
  • Founder Guy Prandstatter and Manager Oksana Weber prepare to present
  • Graduate Ryan is the first honoree!
  • Happiness radiates as Vanessa receives her award
  • Graduate Ronak gets a hug from mentor and manager Oksana Weber
  • Paloma proudly graduates and it was worth the wait!
  • Excitement from Christina as she announces she'll be a professional working tattoo artist in Seattle! 
  • Staff, students, graduates old and new watch to see who's next
  • Oksana beams as graduate Erik accepts a hug from Founder Guy Prandstatter
  • Congratulations to all our graduates for Spring 2015!

BROOKLYN 1-646-689-4652 JERSEY CITY 1-201-661-4172

LOS ANGELES 1-415-320-5446 PHILADELPHIA 1-215-880-1626

I had tried getting apprenticeships in the past and failed, within 7 months of my start date, I became a working tattoo artist and quit my union job of 10 years...