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What is a Tattoo Apprentice?

What will I learn at A.R.T.?

What does it mean to be a Tattoo Apprentice?

Like any craft, you must be able to learn it from professionals. Tattooing is not an art that can be learned through online tutorials, it must be studied, practiced, and perfected over time with careful mentoring.  

All you need to get started is the dedication and passion to become a Tattoo Artist! Our Accelerated Tattoo Apprenticeship is a program that will train you to become a professional tattoo artist. When you graduate with A.R.T., you will leave with an advanced skill of tattooing and also a job in a professional tattoo shop. You can look forward to the following curriculum during your apprenticeship:

Phase 1 - Flash Portfolio

Phase 2 - Technical Tattoo Skill






Drawing, Watercolors, Shading, Generating Reference, Line work, Colored Pencil Developing script and shading techniques on practice pads with a variety of thicknesses. 

Phase 3 - Supervised Tattoos

Post-Apprenticeship  EMPLOYMENT!


Emily completes her 15th supervised tattoo


Paloma enjoys employment at Body and Soul Tattoo 

I had tried getting apprenticeships in the past and failed, within 7 months of my start date, I became a working tattoo artist and quit my union job of 10 years...