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What is a Tattoo Apprentice?

What will I learn at A.R.T.?

A.R.T. Tattoo Artist Certification

All you need to get started is the dedication and passion to become a Tattoo Artist! A.R.T.'s Tattoo Artist Certification Program models a traditional apprenticeship, yet delivers your training in a modern way. When you graduate with A.R.T., you will leave with an advanced skill of tattooing and also a job in a professional tattoo shop. You can look forward to the following curriculum:

Phase 1 - Flash Portfolio

Phase 2 - Technical Tattoo Skill






Drawing, Watercolors, Shading, Generating Reference, Line work, Colored Pencil Developing script and shading techniques on practice pads with a variety of thicknesses. 

Phase 3 - Supervised Tattooing

Jr. Aritst Internship - 90 Days


Emily completes her 15th supervised tattoo!


Paloma enjoys tattooing at Body Art & Soul Tattoos!

I had tried getting apprenticeships in the past and failed, within 7 months of my start date, I became a working tattoo artist and quit my union job of 10 years...